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Rules & Regulations

Flower pickup will be conducted on the first Monday in February and August

All flowers and decorations will be picked up and discarded on these days. Anyone who wants to keep their flowers or decorations should pickup them up before this date and bring them back later in the week.

Allowed Decorations

  • Decorations such as temporary markers, pictures, pinwheels, figurines, toys, garlands, and solar lights are allowed in the vases provided with a grave. If a grave or niche does not have a vase, one may be placed. Please contact the office for more information.
  • All flowers and decorations must be placed in the in-ground vases, core holes in the base of a marker, or vases attached to the base by a monument company. All flowers, decorations, and inserts must be secured in the vase. Any items blown out or dislodged from their vases will be discarded.

The following decorations will be removed immediately

  1. Candles of all types. Candles destroy cement settings or could become a fire hazard.
  2. Breakable materials include but are not limited to glass and ceramic. Breakable materials become a hazard to people, animals, and equipment.
  3. No sand, gravel, rocks, cement, casting plaster, or wax.
  4. Food and beverages.
  5. Mylar balloons are not allowed. As per the California Penal Code 653.1 (a).

Decorations will be removed when

  1. The District has the authority to remove all fresh and artificial flowers when deemed necessary. Reasons for removing flowers include but are not limited to; wilting, faded, torn, damaged, unsightly, or cluttered.
  2. Flowers or decorations have been blown out or dislodged from their vases.
  3. Flowers or decorations prohibit the maintenance of the cemetery grounds.
  4. Flowers or decorations present safety concerns for staff or visitors.
  5. Flowers or decorations obscure or harm other families’ headstones, plots, or niche plates.
  6. The total height of the headstone, including the base, and flowers or decorations exceeds a height of 42 inches.
  7. Flowers or decorations do not follow the rules set out in this guide.
INT-4 - Marker Rules.pdfRules & Regulations Update Nov 2023.pdfGR-3 - Flowers and Decorations Amendment 3.pdf